Mohave County has established three Community Advisory Boards, in which members serve as advocates for juvenile courts. Each represents one of the County’s three main population centers:  Kingman, Lake Havasu City, and Bullhead City.

Each Board consists of a minimum of four public members, the local Juvenile Court Judge, a local probation supervisor, and the Juvenile Court Services Director. Each Board has a youth member who is either a junior or senior in high school for one year to coincide with the school year. Members are appointed by the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge of the Superior Court.  Each member serves a term of not more than three years.   All terms commence upon the signed order of the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge unless otherwise specified. Terms of membership are based on the Probation Department’s fiscal year as opposed to a calendar year.

Each community holds a minimum of two meetings a year and a combined annual meeting at the end of the fiscal year. Special meetings of each Board may be called by the respective chairperson or the local juvenile judge.

New Board members complete an orientation within three months of appointment. Board members serve during this period. A vacancy on the Board may be filled by the Presiding Juvenile Court Judge for the unexpired term.

Members of the Board do not receive any monetary compensation for their services.