The Superior Court has jurisdiction of the protection of incapacitated or protected persons and their property in Guardianship/Conservatorship cases.

A Guardian might be appointed for an adult who is unable to make decisions or care for him or herself because of a mental or physical disability.  The decisions a guardian can make for a ward may include housing, education, medical care, food, and clothing.

A Guardian of a child might be someone other than a parent who is appointed to make decisions for that child and have the same authority and responsibility as a parent to provide food, housing, medical care, education, and supervision.

A Conservator may be appointed for an adult who is unable to manage their money or property.  The Conservator will protect and administer the person’s assets against theft or fraud.

A Conservator of a child might be a child’s parent or a financial institution that is appointed to manage or hold the money or property of a person under the age of 18 years. 
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The eFileAZ application is available for electronic filing in Guardianship cases. For information on the eFiling system and to register and train for its use, you can visit

Training Videos

Arizona law requires any person who is neither a licensed fiduciary under A.R.S. § 14-5651 nor a financial institution to view the following training videos before letters to serve as guardian, conservator, or personal representative are issued, unless the appointment was made pursuant to sections 14-5310(A), 14-5401.01(A) or 14-5207, or otherwise ordered by the court.

"Introduction to Serving as a Non-Licensed Fiduciary"

"Welcome to Personal Representatives Training Module"

"Welcome to Guardianship Training Module" (if you will be a Guardian)
"Welcome to Conservatorship Training Module" (if you will be a Conservator)
"Introduction to Conservator Account Forms" (if you will be a Conservator) 

After you have completed the required video(s), print the Certificate(s) of Completion and file them along with the rest of the paperwork with the Clerk of Superior Court.
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