Teleconference Information (scroll to the bottom for more)

As a reminder: By entering a meeting, you are entering an open court session and other hearings may be in progress. Please keep your phone muted at all times to eliminate unnecessary background noise and interruptions unless you are addressed by the Court.


Kingman Superior Courtroom 302-Judge Carlisle 563-999-1165 PIN/Access Code:367132
Zoom Meeting ID: 83240443828 Password 2141912  Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

Kingman Superior Courtroom 202-Judge Sipe   
Zoom Meeting ID: 84466152668 Password 2141912    Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

Kingman Superior Courtroom 217-Judge Camacho 1-267-807-9605 PIN/Access Code:408522

Kingman Superior Courtroom 201-Judge Jantzen with Telephone: 1-669-900-6833
Zoom Meeting ID: 258656631  Password: 2141912 Zoom Toll Free call in 833-548-0282

Kingman Superior Courtroom 301-Judge Gordon 1-605-313-5111 PIN/Access Code:589922

Kingman Superior Courtroom 317 - Judge Lambert with Telephone: 1-669-900-6833 
Zoom Meeting ID: 84026016535 Password 2141912 

Kingman Superior Courtroom 229-Judge Demke 
Zoom Meeting ID: 463376467 Password:2141912  Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

Kingman Justice Courtroom 1-Judge Tinnell 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:980136

Kingman Justice Courtroom 2-Judge Huerta 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:454528

Kingman Municipal Courtroom 1-Judge Singer 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:237823

Kingman Municipal Courtroom 2-Judge Vanarsdale 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:657608

Bullhead City

Bullhead Superior Courtroom S-Judge Williams
Zoom Meeting ID: 82987071147 Password: 2141912  Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

Bullhead Justice Courtroom T-Judge Moss 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:742030

Bullhead Municipal Courtroom A-Judge Psareas 1-800-941-0912 PIN/Access Code:969250

Bullhead Municipal Courtroom B-Judge Psareas  1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:408574

Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City Superior Courtroom K-Judge Kalauli 1-888-468-1195 or 1-800-941-0912 PIN/Access Code:687923

Lake Havasu Superior Courtroom L-Judge McCoy 
Zoom Meeting ID: 89961407081 Password:2141912   - Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

Lake Havasu City Justice Courtroom M-Judge Davis 1-888-468-1195 or 1-800-941-0912 PIN/Access Code:578146

Lake Havasu City Courtroom N-Judge Gregory 
Zoom Meeting ID: 920936732 Password: 2141912   Zoom Toll Free call in 1-833-548-0282

North Canyon

North Canyon Courtroom-Judge Brown 1-888-468-1195 PIN/Access Code:659701