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Additional Civil Filing Fee pursuant to ARS-281E


Filing Fee
Effective 11/1/2022

Application for Default Judgment  $28.00
Misc. filing fee (filing any paper or performing any act for which a fee is not specifically provided by Statute) $28.00
Pursuant to ARS 22-281E  $28.00
Motion for Alternative Service  $28.00
Motion to Extend Time to Serve  $28.00
Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings $28.00
Motion for Summary Judgment $28.00
Motion for Stipulated Judgment  $28.00
Motion to Dismiss  $28.00
Motion for Continuance  $28.00
Motion for Telephonic Appearance $28.00
Motion for Reconsideration $28.00
Motion to Join Third Party $28.00
Motion to Vacate Judgment  $28.00
Request/Motion for Entry of Default Judgment $28.00
Misc. Motion/Request/Notice Filing any paper of performing any act for which a fee is not otherwise   prescribed, pursuant to ARS 22-281E  $28.00