Mohave County Superior Court is utilizing a Digital Evidence Portal (CaseLines) for the storage and presentation of evidence. If your case is approved for digital evidence, you must contact the Clerk’s Office by emailing to obtain the link to upload and review any exhibit(s) you wish to have marked as evidence for a hearing/trial. 

The portal can be found here: Home | Thomson Reuters CaseLines (

Click here to register for an in-person / remote training class with the Clerk’s Office / Court IT.

The videos below provide more information about how to use the portal.

How To Review the Case List


How To Upload Documents

How To Update and Delete Exhibits

How To Print an Index List

How To Invite People To a Case

How To Review Evidence

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

What if I have a physical item I would like to mark as an exhibit?

You can upload a photo of the item and include “(PHYSICAL EXHIBIT)” in the document title. Then provide the Clerk’s Office with the physical item for your hearing.

How soon must I upload an exhibit to my case?

Please note that if the Judge presiding over your case has set deadlines, you must adhere to those timelines.

What if I don’t have an e-mail address to register for the portal? Can I still upload exhibits to my case?

Yes. Please request a link to be sent to you via a text message by emailing, filling out a request form with the Clerk’s Office, or calling (928)753-0713 ext 4260. Alternatively, you can provide the Clerk’s Office with a digital / paper version of your exhibits at each of our locations.

Once I upload an exhibit to the portal, will the public be able to view it?

No. Only parties invited to the portal will have access to your exhibits. Please note, the opposing party/parties will have access to any evidence uploaded to the portal.

What kind of exhibits are prohibited from being uploaded to the portal?

Any exhibit containing nudity.