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Kingman, AZ 86401
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Honorable Derek Carlisle

Judge Carlisle received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Texas at Austin.  He received his Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science in 1987 and his law degree in 1993.  Judge Carlisle was appointed as a commissioner / judge pro tem in June of 2009 and was initially elected as the judge of Division 2 in 2014.

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Division 2 Court Calendar is posted each day at 3:00 p.m. Please click here to view current calendar. Steve




Court Room Policies and Procedures

Exhibit Protocol

Mohave County Superior Court utilizes a Digital Evidence Portal (CaseLines) for the storage and presentation of evidence. If any party wishes to have exhibits used as evidence in a hearing or trial in this division, they must contact the Clerk’s Office by emailing MohaveDE@courts.az.gov to obtain the link to upload and review their exhibits.

Exhibits must be uploaded into CaseLines at least three days prior to an evidentiary hearing or trial to the Court and at least five days prior to a jury trial.  For any objects which will be physical exhibits, there must be a placeholder exhibit in CaseLines (usually a photograph of the object).  In addition to exhibits, any item which a party may use to impeach a witness should also be uploaded into CaseLines.

An upload into CaseLines digital evidence portal will NOT be considered disclosure.  The parties must still comply with all disclosure deadlines.

The Court notes that some exhibits take longer to display in CaseLines.  If an exhibit has too many pages, it might slow the presentation of evidence.  Additionally, there are some kinds of video which buffer significantly and do not play well.  It is the obligation of the parties to ensure that the exhibits can be properly presented utilizing CaseLines and the technology available in the courtroom.

Parties who are not familiar with CaseLines or have issues regarding the presentation of specific exhibits are encouraged to email the Clerk’s office at MohaveDE@courts.az.gov for questions about submission and presentation of evidence as soon as possible.

Remote Appearances

This division follows the presumptive standards for remote and in-person hearings provided in Mohave County administrative order 2022-42If a hearing is presumptively remote, counsel and the defendant may appear remotely for the hearing without filing a motion requesting to appear remotely.  If you are appearing remotely and a different case is being heard, please mute yourself.  If you want to appear remotely, it will be your obligation to connect or call in - the Court will not call you.

Remote appearances are conducted by Zoom.  The Zoom information follows:

Meeting ID: 83240443828

Passcode: 2141912

Call-in number audio only: (669) 900-6833 or (833) 548-0282 (toll free)

Notice to Litigants Representing Themselves

Arizona Courts have long held that litigants, who chose to represent themselves, are held to the same standard as an attorney.

"It is well established that where a party conducts his case in propria persona he is entitled to no more consideration than if he had been represented by counsel, and he is held to the same familiarity with required procedures and the same notice of statutes and local rules as would be attributed to a qualified member of the bar.  Copper State Bank v. Soggio, 139 Ariz. 438, 441 (App. 1983).

Mohave County Felony Case Management Plan

Mohave County Felony Case Management Plan