Purpose of the PSI Report

The Pre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) report provides the Judge with sufficient information about a crime and the defendant's involvement so he/she can decide an appropriate sentence. It will contain a summary of the offense; any statement the defendant wants to make about the offense; a social history; and statements provided by any victims, law enforcement officers, or anyone else involved with the case. It will also include the defendant's prior criminal history and traffic records as well as any outstanding warrants.

The Mohave County Probation Department PSI unit investigates and prepares over thousand (1000) such reports each year. If the conviction or plea allows for the possibility of probation then the PSI writer will give the Judge his/her evaluation of the defendant's ability to successfully complete probation. The PSI writer will NOT make recommendations for punishment but may suggest counseling services or community monitoring options.

Probation officers usually prepare PSI reports during the brief interval between the conviction or plea and the date set for sentencing. PSI reports are filed with the Court at least three days prior to sentencing. The defendant's attorney may review the PSI with the defendant to determine any corrections or additions that need to be addressed by the Court.

Written statements on the defendant's behalf by friends, relatives, or others should be submitted to the PSI writer at least one week prior to sentencing.

Download the PSI Questionnaire

If you have any additional questions regarding a PSI please feel free to contact the Probation Department at (928) 753-0741 and ask for a PSI Writer.