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Conciliation Court Services

med5 What is Conciliation Court Services (CCS)?

The CCS is a department of the Court for parties experiencing custody concerns/issues, marital stress or divorce.  Information, counseling and mediation services are available to help families find solutions to relationship problems.


med4 Why Use Conciliation Court Services?

If a decision is made to divorce, counseling can also help couples separate with understanding or conciliate.  Mediation can help parents plan for their children's lives following divorce.


med3 List of Services

Conciliation Counseling

Our staff provides conciliation mediation to couples with minor children who are considering reconciliation. This service is available for couples who have a divorce pending but would like to explore the option of reconciliation; as well as for those who may be considering filing for a divorce, but who would like to first explore options which might save their marriage. Couples are seen together.  Options and steps to assist the couple in considering or trying reconciliation are negotiated with the assistance of a neutral third person.  The Mediation Center does not provide marriage therapy but may assist couples in identifying whether they want to seek such services and in negotiating details regarding such services.  Conciliation mediation sessions are confidential.  There is no fee for the service.
Divorce/Custody Mediation    
Divorce/Custody Mediation is a process whereby parents, with the assistance of a neutral mediator, attempt to reach an agreement regarding a parenting plan for their children. If the parties are going through a divorce, been divorced, or are a parent who has never been married, mediation services are available to attempt to resolve a child custody/parenting time dispute. Both parents will meet with a professional mediator.  The mediator does not make decisions or give legal advice. The parties themselves are responsible for coming to an agreement. Mediation sessions are confidential and there is no fee for the service.

 Parent Education
In accordance with a mandate from the Arizona Supreme Court, the Parent Education Program was developed to provide parents information about the mediation process and the effects of divorce, or separation, on children and families. This four (4) hour class includes a Mediation orientation, which addresses custody and parenting time options, and other adult issues including divorce and separation, domestic violence and grief.  The class includes information on how the children are impacted.  In most cases, Parent Education is mandatory for all parties of a divorce or paternity action in Arizona; however, anyone can contact Conciliation Court Services and arrange to attend a class.  There is a $50.00 fee for the class.

Mohave County also offers an on-line Parent Education class for participants who cannot physically attend the class.  Subtitles are available for parties who do not speak English and wish to take the on-line class.  Note:  Mohave County does not accept other on-line Co-Parenting classes. 

Upon completion of the Parent Education Program, a Certificate of Completion will be filed with the Mohave County Clerk of the court by the Mediation Department.  This certificate will be available to the court within 2-5 business days.  For more information regarding the Parent Education Program in Mohave County, please call (928) 753-0795.

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Superior Court Services

  Dependency Case Facilitation

The Dependency Case Facilitation program was developed as part of the Model Court/Court Improvement Project through the Arizona Supreme Court. This program provides a facilitator for para-judicial conferences involving families who are in the process of dependency proceedings. The facilitator is responsible for assisting all parties of the dependency action in proceedings and in identifying their roles and responsibilities in relation to the goals and requirements set forth in the action by the Court and other contributing agencies. Cases are referred to the facilitator by the Court. There is no fee for this service.



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