Court Security - What to expect when entering a courthouse in Mohave County

Each visitor who enters a Mohave County Court facility must pass through a security screening procedure, with assistance from a Court Security Officer.

To speed the process, visitors are asked to:

  • -Empty pockets, placing contents in the container provided.
  • -Place purses, briefcases, backpacks and parcels on the x-ray machine for scanning.
  • -Walk through the metal detector.

If the x-ray or metal detector sets off an alert or alarm, a Court Security Officer may perform another scan, using a hand wand. The security officer may also ask permission to conduct a physical search of personal articles to determine the cause of the alert or alarm. Before proceeding from the security screening area, visitors should be sure to retrieve all of their personal possessions.





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Robert Lawless
Court Security Manager

Contact Court Security at:
(928)753-0790 ext 4485


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