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Juvenile Drug Court

Juvenile Drug Court is a strengths-based coordinated approach to treatment of juveniles between the ages of fourteen (14) through seventeen (17) who have histories of moderate to severe substance use/abuse. Juvenile Drug Courts are built upon a unique partnership between the juvenile justice system and the drug treatment community.

The overall goal of drug court is to help the juveniles develop new thought and behavior processes that reinforce acceptable behavior. The resulting outcome should be a reduction of substance use, substance relapse and criminogenic risk/need factors along with implementation of pro-social changes within the family system and juvenile's natural environment. Secondary objectives are to improve school performance and family functioning. Juvenile Drug Court is comprised of four (4) phases of required participation for graduation.

The length of the Drug Court Program varies depending on a juvenile's compliance with the requirements of each phase; with an average duration of approximately thirty (30) to sixty (60) weeks, which includes aftercare. Each phase consists of substance abuse treatment and psycho-education/skill-development provided by contract providers. Other elements include urinalysis testing, enrollment in an educational program or school and actively seeking employment for age appropriate youth.     

The goals of the Mohave County Juvenile Drug Court are to:

  • Reduce recidivism amongst adjudicated youth by focusing on positive choices and life without substances
  • Increase the educational performance of youthful drug offenders by utilizing existing or supplemental educational resources
  • Maintain a viable, specialized program within the juvenile justice community consisting of multi-disciplinary options
  • Strengthen family capacity by increasing exposure to support services & resources
  • Increase family and community exposure to substance abuse prevention

  • Juveniles deemed eligible for drug court must meet the following criteria:

  • The juvenile must be an adjudicated delinquent or have an adjudication pending with a delinquency risk of medium or high risk.
  • The juvenile must be between the ages of fourteen (14) through seventeen (17) who have histories of moderate to severe substance use/abuse.
  • The juvenile shall have no current or past arrests/convictions of violent offenses as defined in ARS 13-901.03 B or sex-related offenses.
  • The juvenile admits to or is found to be using alcohol and other drugs, and/ or has a history of use as documented by arrest records, probation, or commitments to ADJC.
  • The juvenile and parents (or guardian) must be willing participants, and engage in treatment services as directed by the courts, and sign a release for treatment information.
  • The juvenile and family must submit to, and complete, an initial screening and agree to all program requirements.
  • The juvenile has the cognitive ability to process the information in juvenile drug court as determined in a psychological evaluation.
  • For more information about Juvenile Drug Court, please contact Josh Frisby, DPO Senior at 928-753-0741 ext 4219.



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