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A Juvenile Criminal Case is initiated by any of the following:

A citation is issued by a police officer. A citation requires the juvenile to meet with a probation officer at the Probation Department at a later date or to appear in Juvenile Court.   Youths facing criminal charges can also be arrested by the police and released to their parents, with the charges filed by mail with the Probation Department and/or District Attorney's Office.

Youths already on probation can be re-arrested by the police or probation officers for probation violations.

An officer can arrest a juvenile for a crime.   When the crime is too serious to release the minor, the officer is given the discretion to take the minor into custody and book him into the county Juvenile Hall located in Kingman.   For a minor to be arrested, the officer must have a specific reason, such as committing a criminal act or violating the terms of probation.

When a juvenile is arrested, the officer performs a clothed-body search referred to as a "pat-down" search.   The officer then puts handcuffs on the juvenile and places him or her in a patrol car.   The juvenile is then transported to Juvenile Hall for booking.

In the event you are arrested, the following rules should be kept in mind when dealing with the police:

  • Never resist arrest, no matter how unreasonable the arrest may seem. Resisting arrest is illegal.
  • If a police officer comes to your home with a search warrant, you must permit the officer to search your home.


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