Clerks Office - Exhibits & Classified materials






  • Do I need a court order to see exhibits or transcripts stored in the Courthouse?

All exhibits and transcripts are public record and can be viewed by anyone coming to the Clerk's Office. Only materials determined by the court to be confidential or documents sealed by order of the court cannot be viewed unless a court order is obtained. The sealed materials would include sealed files, sealed documents, and sealed exhibits, special warrants and any grand jury materials. The confidential materials would include adult adoptions, protected addresses, and mental health files.

  • How do I get documents or exhibits released to me ?

Exhibits cannot be released without a court order.

  • How long do you keep exhibits?

There are strict criteria that have to be met in order to return exhibits or dispose of them. There is not set time for a case; only specific criteria that must be met to determine when an individual case closed.

Does the Clerk's office have transcripts of all hearings?

No. Be aware that the presence of a court reporter taking down the proceedings in a hearing does not automatically mean that the court reporter is going to prepare a written transcript of the proceedings. Unless the court reporter is requested to print up the transcript and is paid to do so by rule or court order, only the notes of the hearing are kept by the court reporter. If a transcript has not been filed with the Clerk, you need to contact the Court Reporter to have it prepared, for a fee determined by the Court Reporter.