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Restitution Payments

The fines and restitution clerk handles the processing of all restitution payments. All payments received by the court are receipted and processed within 48 hours of delivery to the court. However, in order to ensure all checks and money orders are cleared by the bank, the court is required to hold the funds for a period of 10 days before releasing the proceeds to any victims.

If you have a question regarding the amount of restitution you owe to the court or what your monthly payment amount is you can call the clerk at 928-753-0713.

If you are a VICTIM with questions regarding whether or not a payment has been received you may contact the clerk at the above number for additional information. HOWEVER, it should be noted that the court cannot send out any restitution payments until money is received from the defendant. Once a payment is received from the defendant the court begins the process of sending this money on to the victim(s).

If you have questions regarding COMMUNITY RESTITUTION (SERVICE) please call your probation officer. The number for the Probation Department is 928-753-0741.

All restitution payments should be mailed to:

Clerk of Superior Court
Attn: Restitution Clerk
P.O. Box 7000
Kingman, AZ 86402